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Ruby Red

Ruby Red
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These varietals are a blend of the top 3 grapes recommended for the Virginia climate and grown in our front and west fields.  The grapes are typically harvested in late October | mid-November and then aged 24 months in French oak barrels.  The results are a fruit-forward intensity from the Tannat and Petit Verdot and an earthy mid-palate from the Fer Servadou, giving the wine great tannins, structure and flavor.  

Fun fact: This was our very first wine named after the Winemaker’s grandmother, Ruby, who really was a gem!

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Wine Specs
Red Blend
Harvest Date
Late October / Early November
18-24 months in French oak barrels: 50% New & 50% Neutral
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Vineyard Notes
This is our most complex wine & signature blend of 3 grapes! You get fruit forwardness from both the Tannat and Petit Verdot and earthy mid palate from the Fer Servadou, all giving this wine great tannins, structure, and flavor
Food Pairing Notes
Most meals from pasta to sirloin steak and while it's a food wine, it's a great end-of-day-unwinder too!
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